HoustonFootFetish – The Grinch who stole Angel and Asia’s Christmas Eve (Parody)

Asia and Angel the Foot Goddess are on the bed on Christmas Eve discussing amongst each other what they want for Christmas gifts when an unlikely “mean one” sneaks into the room. The Grinch is there and doesn’t like hearing of these 2 ebony beauties having a merry Christmas and he expresses his displeasure by ambushing the two and tickle them to their dismay. An unlikely plot twist occurs midway through, Asia is very ticklish and Angel decides to join in on the tickle fun and forms a temporary team up with the Grinch to gang up and full body the poor Asia and her petite frame. Eventually the Grinch is satisfied with the misery he has unleashed upon the two and leaves to ruin someone else’s holiday. Big thanks to fellow tickle fetish producer Bobby Tickly for filming this clip!!

Duration: 6:39.065
Size: 626,701 Mb

Download – The Grinch who stole Angel and Asia’s Christmas Eve (Parody)

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