ItaliansTicklingCruel – A Hot Tickling Nightmare, Part I

Cocky Gabriel thinks he’s the greatest of all time, since he’s managed to invite home the stunning Italian model Fatima. But she’s indeed a cruel lady, and she’s just had enough of these arrogant studs. Fatima wants to use the sensible body of this annoying guy to send a message to all men… and scare away all the pretenders.

It’s time to teach a good lesson to men and Gabriel finds himself prisoner of her incredible, beautiful hands. Nails that tease and punish relentlessly, a devious smile that melts the brain and an insanely sexy body that sways all around the victim. That stupid stud will be tickled out of his soul and that’s just Part I…

For Fatima there’s no such thing as a “Safe word”. The punishment proceeds with her verbal taunting, her sexy Italian voice listing all of the cruel and soft-touch tickling that’s coming in for the guy.

Out of breath and hope, Gabriel is left drained of all energies, humiliated and defeated, tickled to the brink of insanity – yet that was only the beginning. She’s just getting started and no wonder the guy will never play the gigolo ever again…

Length: 15:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A Hot Tickling Nightmare, Part I


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