ItaliansTicklingCruel – Brunette and Blondie Tickling for Fun (Full)

Alice and Victoria are tired of hearing their best friend, Melissa, bragging about her new boyfriend. “He’s strong, he’s tall, he’s a stud…” she goes on all the time. So the two brats decide to pull a mischievous prank on her. They’re gonna shoot a video of the “strong guy” begging for mercy under their fingers and toes, and then show it to her… let’s see how invincible the man really is!

So they sneak in Melissa’s apartment when she’s out for work. They find the stud already on the bed – it couldn’t be easier! Now the “big man” is all tied up for good and vulnerable to the two’s cruel tickling. Victoria is new to the art of tickling men, so Alice explains to the blondie how to best tease and break the man’s weakest spots.

The ladies first work together on his sensible body, then they alternate with each other, resulting in a tickle mayhem that humiliates and breaks the poor guy down to his soul.

That’s a long and spectacular FF/M tickling session, in all its glorious Full Version. Enjoy the brunette and the blondie at work together!

Length: 20:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Brunette and Blondie Tickling for Fun (Full)


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