ItaliansTicklingCruel – Graduated in Tickling

Beautiful Stella has just finished her private course in Tickling and is ready to perform her final exam alone.

The test subject is tightly secured and bonded to the wooden cross by more laces and constraints, for two reasons: one, he has absolutely no way to fight or counter-act the savage and continuos tickling; secondly, being so immobilised means the intensity of the sensations and agony are amplified to the maximum.

Totally unhinged and free to torment him in any way she pleases, Stella begins to explore his weak spots, storming him with her pointy sharp nails without a break. She then uses different tools for a brutal crescendo of terrifying male tickling. She shows no mercy to the man, as she really wants to have success on this prestigious exam!

The man cries and begs for mercy but it’s all useless, there’s no chance to stop a determined girl with a true passion for Tickling men!

Length: 17:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Graduated in Tickling


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