JamieDaniels – Tickle Draft

Jamie and Goddess Dee are all sexy in their bra and panties. They are doing a tickle draft and you are the ref, to make sure they follow the rules or else they get spanked. They flip a coin and Dee goes first where she is going to tickle Jamie and it’s her belly. Jamie screams in delight at Dee tickles her belly. Next its Jamie turn to pick where she will tickled Dee and its her armpits. Poor Dee crying out as Jamie tickles her pits. Next Dee choses Jamie’s butt cheeks, using her nails to tickle Jamie’s butt into jiggling, then Jamie takes her turn at tickling Dee’s butt cheeks. Then they go all out into a tickle fight, grabbing and tickling each other. After they come close to the camera with their butts and allow you to spank them.

Length: 9:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Draft

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