KinkyFootGirl – Arch Stretching Foot Tickle by a Crazed Fan

Kara once again finds herself bound, this time with in a bed spread flat on her back, her stiletto high heels still on. She wonders what is happening but before to long a man’s voice begins talking. She asks him not to hurt her and he says that isn’t what he is there for and that he is a big fan! She wants to know what he plans on doing to her and he wants him to let her go.

He tells her that he is just going to have some fun and tries to take her heels off. She does her best to prevent him from removing them but he uses his finger to tickle her arches and it is enough to finally remove them, one by one.

With her big size 10 wrinkly soles and long toes painted red and with toe rings on now exposed he tells her that he knows her most sensitive tickle spot. He spends the next 10 minutes holding her toes back, bending her feet back and using his fingers, both sides of a feather duster and a hair brush.

He ends the tickle session by taking her heels away, telling her that she won’t be needing them anytime soon because she is going to be here for a long time.

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