KinkyFootGirl – Kara Gets More Than She Bargained For When Meeting a Fan for a Tickle Session

I don’t normally meet fans for sessions, and times like this make me remember why!

Tickling is not something I do often because it is SO INTENSE but I figured I would give it another try. Little did I know that I would be strapped tightly to this massage chair and not able to move. I figured it would be some fun light massage like tickling without me being tied up. But here I am…

He tells me it will be fun and I will have a good time, and I guess I don’t have much of a choice now that my hands and feet are bound.

It begins simply enough, with his fingers tickling my feet as I struggle in my bounds, barely able to move at all and at the mercy of his fingers moving quickly sometimes and then slowly at others.

After a couple of minutes (but what feels like forever!) he brings out a tooth brush! This was definitely not part of the agreement either. He uses the soft bristled brush all over my soles and arches and even in between my toes! This is even more ticklish than his fingers. I was not prepared for this at all…

For 3 solid minutes he uses the tooth brush on every part of my feet, it’s like he is exploring them to find out what spot is most ticklish, but what is really the case is that every part of them is ticklish, but it is especially intense on my soft pale arches.

After this I figure we are done now, I have given him enough time to do what he likes and even more so than what I had though we agreed on.


He starts using a soft bristled hair brush on my soft now very sensitive soles. This is the most ticklish of all. I can barely take it. He is very aggressive on my soles, and gets into that really sensitive part of my arches that I realized were my most ticklish of all, he must have figured that out with the tooth brush.

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