KittyQuinnFetish – Lickling or Tickling

Kitty Quinn talked Scarlett Venom into letting her do a little bit of tickle testing. Scarlett is incredibly ticklish, and doesn’t always let people tickle her. But Kitty knows just how ticklish she is and absolutely loves to tickle her. So she proposed that Scarlett try out another form of tickling… lickling! These beauties, and real list besties, candidly chat while Kitty has her hand at Scarlett’s cute little size 8 & 1/2 feet. Scarlett erupts into fits of laughter when Kitty puts her long painted nails to work on those soft soles. They both burst into giggles when Scarlett’s most ticklish places get discovered. Kitty works her tongue, wiggling it along Scarlett’s soles, making her howl. She lickles between each toe and up and down each of Scarlett’s unbound soles, taking delight in her beautiful BFF’s laughs and squirms. When all is said and done, which does Scarlett prefer? Lickling or tickling?

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lickling or Tickling

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