LaPrincesasTickling – Mariangel Full Control Series – Carolina

Everyone’s favorite series is back with a brand new ticklee, Carolina is a 30 year old artist, whom Mariangel met on her way back from work. They chatted a little bit about what we do here and of course, things went well and here we meet the super ticklish Carolina who definitely came for a few laughs.

Mariangel has to do her best to stay on top of Carolina who is much stronger and way too ticklish to stand any of this, so Mariangel puts a pillow under her to give her self some balance, but still it she’s riding a laughing bull here…quite fun to watch.

Finally, it’s time for Carolina’s cute size 6.5 feet and they are just has sensitive has the rest of her body, so the laughs and the bucking keeps on giving.

By the time this comes to an end, Mariangel giggled like mad at hearing poor Carolina get introduced to a very ticklish situation.

Duration: 5:00.636
Size: 74,6 Mb

Download – Mariangel Full Control Series – Carolina

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