LaPrincesasTickling – Mariangel Full Control Series – Ceecy

It’s now time for Ceecy to visit us again at la Princesas Tickling and of course she meets Mariangel once again, after feeling the wrath of “La Princesas” on her first visit “Dorm room friend 1, Mariangel gave her a good ride on her second visit in “The cutest hogtie ever” and it’s now time for round 3…the best one of all 3.

Mariangel starts with Ceecy deathly ticklish upper body and she’s now going anywhere except for a quick visit to tickling land. Ceecy is not handling any of the tickling coming her way and she blesses us in laughter and oh so lovely facial expressions that will make you dreaming for more.

It’s now time for Mariangel to pay a nice little visit to Ceecy’s absolutely astonishingly perfect size 6 feet, truly a ticklers dreams. The amazing begging is soon to come because Mariangel has our perfect little tickle toy is in ticklish bliss and she has a hard time going thru the manic tickles.

Ceecy is trying really hard to get a message thru to her “friend” doing the tickling, but the constant foot tickling is keeping her in a state of unstoppable bouts of laughter so Mariangel just keeps on tickling her creamy soles.

Total Classic and a personal favorite 🙂

Duration: 5:01.120
Size: 67,421 Mb

Download – Mariangel Full Control Series – Ceecy

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