LaPrincesasTickling – Mariangel Full Control Series – Marguerita


Brand new series with our resident tickler Mariangel

Full Control Series

This series will bring you a variety of models. Some new and some returning from previous clips with Mariangel.

The concept of the series is that each clip is 5 minutes with the first portion being upperbody tickling and the second portion of the clip being a close up foot tickling shot.

Let’s move on to the step-sister of Victoria and let’s meet Marguerita (20). She’s one year older then her step-sister and 10 times more ticklish. Marguerita has absolutely no chance against Mariangel who’s been tickling ladies for over a year by now. It doesn’t matter where you tickle this newbie she’s in stitches no matter what.

Once Mariangel move on to the feet, her size 6.5 are no match for Mariangel wiggling fingers and just like her step-sister Marguerita feet are more sensitive then her upper body and her laugh is quite intoxicating.

Duration: 5:00.793
Size: 721,11 Mb

Download – Mariangel Full Control Series – Marguerita

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