LaPrincesasTickling – Nazareth Needs to Tickle – Sian


Brand new series of 3 clips…Where we will see Nazareth have a blast tickling Sian and Trella in a soft Hogtie situation where she has total control and then both ladies will have there revenge in the final clip of the series.

Let’s start with Sian, also named SR on this site. Sian is in a total ticklish gem and for a fun tickler like Naz (Nz) it’s a very fun situation and this also stands for all of us. Naz alternates from feet to upper body and Sian is a total laughing mess and flying all over the bed in desperate attempts of trying to get some relief from the intense tickling she’s enduring.

Naz is a real joy to watch since she’s reacting at every reaction of Sian and there’s a lot of those. This is not a favorable situation for Sian, who for the FIRST TIME EVER on this clip had to compose with both upper body and foot tickling and it proved to be way too much for her.

This is a beautiful situation and it’s all wrapped up in one ball of fun laughter 🙂

Duration: 4:58.450
Size: 633,257 Mb

Download – Nazareth Needs to Tickle – Sian

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