LaPrincesasTickling – Nazareth Needs To Tickle – Trella


Brand new series of 3 clips…Where we will see Nazareth have a blast tickling Sian and Trella in a soft Hogtie situation where she has total control and then both ladies will have there revenge in the final clip of the series.

It’s now time for Trella, after watching her aunt get tickled by her friend Naz, she is now on the hot bed, so to speak at the mercy of a very eager tickler.

Trella is in stitches from the get go and it’s not getting any easier. Naz is all smiles which is a fantastic joy to watch. You can tell she’s enjoying every second of the tickling she’s giving her friend. Trella has a speedy melodic desperate laughter and she’s a total orchestra for the entirety of her ticklish situation.

Trella’s happy feet and oh so sensitive rib cage are in for a special treat, Nazareth style 🙂

Duration: 5:02.301
Size: 799,187 Mb

Download – Nazareth Needs To Tickle – Trella

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