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We have the privilege to welcome two brand new friends to our world at La Princesas….Let’s meet Elisa and Anna. Both new comers are 20 years of age and have been best friends for quite a while. They heard about the 5 minute foot tickling challenge and really wanted to see if they could endure the test.

So here’s the revenge, poor little Anna is now stuck on the wrong end of the tickle chair and Elisa is prime ready to get her tickle revenge on her friend. Anna’s feet are exactly the same has her friend and so are her reactions. This clip could of been called the tickled twins for many reasons.

Elisa is very maniacal with her little fingers and it’s a perfect fit for Anna super mini feet and ticklishly happy toes. Anna is in cackling laughter and in desperate need of a save here, but unfortunately for her Elisa is not done dishing out the tickles of revenge.

These two we’re such a blast 🙂

Duration: 5:09.463
Size: 742,319 Mb

Download – Ticklish Little Feet – Revenge – Anna

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