LaughsForLife – BFD Series The sports chick vs Too ticklish newbie

Upper body duo

Both girls are tied securely with arms up for some upper body tickling. I start slowly as usual asking a few questions here and there has to how NINA found out about this tickling thing that I do, all while slowly tickling and poking here and there…NINA is already jumping and laughing around and MELISSA is starting to complain already. This goes on for a while and then I start tickling each girl individually for maximum results. The upper body scene last about 10 minutes and both girls are laughing there heads off most of the time, NINA is going to lose this tickling challenge, because she can't handle anything what so ever and she has one of the best laughs I have ever heard, her struggling is also off the chart cute, MELISSA on the other hand is her usual ticklish self, some resistance with huge burst of intense laughter.

On to the stocks

Wow…hello, I hope you guys like big feet haha. Melissa has large chunky size 9.5 feet and Nina has amazing large wide size 10 feet that are supposedly not ticklish…until you tickle them apparently haha. This is scene is split in two, the first is a close-up of both giant pair of feet with the girls laughing the back ground. The second scene is feet/face close-up and this is where this clip because so much fun because we get to see all the little details in Nina's face when she reacts to her huge feet being tickled and WOW there's a lot of detail and a lot of laughing, she's a GEM. Melissa is also super fun as usual because she keeps complaining when the tickling comes back to her and I also found a new tickle spot on her super feet, always a bonus.

The last 30 seconds of the clip is quite entertaining because the girls are actually getting fed up haha, well Nina more then Melissa and all while having a blast she keeps calling me names and you tell she wants to get the hell out of there…and soon. Oh well haha!

Poor Nina didn't know how ticklish she was, now she does and it's all good with us, with Melissa too actually as she grins every time Nina looses it.

Enjoy this new model and new series my friends.

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Download – BFD Series The sports chick vs Too ticklish newbie

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