LaughsForLife – Desiring ticklish Natacha FULL

Natacha says to me when we first met…ME TICKLISH?!

Alright, so i'm at a bar the other day guys met this extremely beautiful bartender while I was hanging out with friends and we got to talking. First thing on my mind was…I want this bartender in my tickling clips for sure. I'll skip the endless chit chatting we had…but at the end of the night I gave her a note with phone number with the message – "if you want to laugh, send me a message".

Well Natacha responded the next day by text and since she did, let's meet the desiring ticklish Natacha for her very responsive and hot ticklish experience.

This clip is split in 3 different scenes and there all hot for different reasons.

Upper body session

I start off pretty slowly on this new comer because I don't want to frighten her and I have no idea how she's going to react to any of tickles she's about to get. I did not have time to find out if Natacha was ticklish at all before the shoot, i kinda had a clue she was, with how she responded but didn't for sure. So let's find out.

This is why you guys find out about this title chosen for this clip, I guess after filming these clips for more then a year now I was due to get a model who gets turned on by tickling. So yeah, there you have Natacha hates being tickled, but she loves the affection she's getting so it's a love and hate relationship thru out this session. Super sensitive armpits, can't take hard rib tickling, her knees and legs are also sensitive and the lovely Natacha responds with a mix of hard laughter, moans and whining which are all super sexy. The grinding of the bed mixed with the laughs and moans are out of this world.

Feet in the stocks

Honestly Natacha's feet are worth the price of this video even if they weren't ticklish, that's how beautiful they are. They kinda look like Tatianna's (which are awesome) but more perfect…of and they are extremely sensitive and also super responsive to the usual reactions that come out of Natacha's pretty head and her perfect size 9's get some major tickling attention.

I make her go thru all the tools, the brush mixed with the oil gets a ton of screams out of her, you'll see her bite her lip and roll her eyes on a couple of occasion, just amazing to see her reactions.

At the end I make her count to 30, which takes her about 1:15 seconds haha.

Beautiful, HOT as hell, super sensitive, super responsive, turned on…I usually say, if you like that, this clip is for you…but in this case…who doesn't?!

Ole smokes guys…enjoy!

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