LaughsForLife – Helmi Classic Series FULL

Hey guys, I’m re-releasing a couple of old clips that we’re not made has FULL clips back in the days where I did not master all the technology.

Helmi was one of my first clips and still to this day one of my favorites to watch. She was absolute beauty to work with and her reactions we’re off the charts 🙂

Warning, extremely cute and super sweet girl with awesome reactions. So sorry guys for the blindfold, but she was a bit camera shy…but it really doesn’t matter at all, Helmi is an awesome ticklee, my best clip so far, even though it’s only my second, i have a feeling it will be hard to beat. I could go on and on here, if you like a ticklee with hot spots that makes her melt into laughter, Helmi is for you. The build up is kinda cool and by the end it’s tickling her even more…which is super sweet. Oh yeah, did I say she’s french, so language spoken is french. Enjoy!

Most sensitive feet ever

Ok so round 2 for super cutie Helmi and guess what her feet are her weakness, like her upper body wasn’t bad enough LOL. Ok, I kind of lied in her first clip description, because, this is now my best clip so far haha. She has super soft feet, impossible to describe. Helmi gets the tools…so baby oil, feather, brush. Desperate laughter, this clip as it all. To be noted that it’s a close up of her feet, clip 3 will be a bit different for that, but this one gets ridiculous reactions out of my favorite ticklee yet. It’s intention, enjoy guys.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1440×1080, 16636 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 129 kbps

Duration: 22:13.934

Size: 2 665,98 Mb

Download – Helmi Classic Series FULL

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