LaylaBondageAddiction – Margot and Angie – Tickling competition

The idea here is a tickle challenge between two models. Each model has 10 minutes to say I give up to the other. Whoever has endured the tickles the least long will suffer in the final round : 10 minutes more with a blindfold, elbows together hogtie and feet warmed and babyoiled to be made ever more sensitive
Each girl takes turn in a hogtie for bondage and barefoot tickling while the toetie and baby oil is for the punishment round. Cleave gag and ballgag are used for the competion rounds, harness ballgag for punishment. Lets see who will be the best tickler between our models 🙂

Length: 30:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Margot and Angie – Tickling competition

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