LaylaBondageAddiction – Rachel and Grace – A tickler to hire Pt1

Rachel is a spy who needs Grace interrogation skills for a job, but before she wants to test her skills herself. If Grace can get the info on how to open her safe she will get the job and the $1000 that are inside. She has four 15 minutes tickling session on Rachel to get the job done

First Scene:
Rachel is balltied on the table. Grace arrives and ask her who she is and what is she looking for. She plays tough. She begin the interrogation. This scene was incredibly tough on Rachel and she ended up in tears, a balltie on a wodden table for 15 minutes was really hard on her neck and legs. Grace is tickling her mainly on her soles with some aggressions to armbits and waist for a change

Second scene:
Rachel is already tied to a chair. When Grace gets in. Rachel taunts you and makes fun of her. Grace ignores her and continue the interrogation.Towards the end of the scene Rachel gives her name, but tells Grace that she will have to do better if you want more info (CONTINUE)

Length: 32:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rachel and Grace – A tickler to hire Pt1

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