LaylaBondageAddiction – Rachel and Grace – A tickler to hire Pt2

Rachel is a spy who needs Grace interrogation skills for a job, but before she wants to test her skills herself. If Grace can get the info on how to open her safe she will get the job and the $1000 that are inside. She has four 15 minutes tickling session on Rachel to get the job done

Third Scene:
Rachel Is bound with her soles up to a pole with her toes tied and pulled back when Grace arrives for the third part of Rachel interrogation, now she applies baby oil to soften her soles even more and makes the tickling really unbeareable. Rachel is blindfolded so she cannot see which part of her body is going to be attacked, but not before Grace shows her all the tickle tools. Then the real ordeal begins mainly on Rachel feet but her waits and armbits aren’ t safe either

Fourth scene:
Rachel is finally tied in a tight hogtie, already gagged and blindfolded. The feet already baby oiled. Her back bent when her wrists are crushed into her ankles and her elbows together. Big toes tied to of course. For this part Grace uses her most effective tickle tool all along. At the end will Rachel surrender and explains everything to her? (END)

Length: 28:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Rachel and Grace – A tickler to hire Pt2

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