MuertasDeRisa – Teresita Tied And Tickled On Table

In this clip Teresita is tied by her wrists and ankles and tickled on the table by our Tickler.
Teresita finds the soles of her feet and sides completely vulnerable to be treated and the therapy will be a combination of tickling in both areas.
At the beginning Teresita is strong and concentrated to endure the tickling, but the change of area produces uncontrolled bursts of laughter in Teresita. In this way the Tickler will surprise Teresita by changing the combination and using fingers, a brush and a mitten to tickle her feet.
Teresita will burst out laughing and she will exclaim with her exclamations: Nooooooo!, Nooooo!, Noooooooooooo! But the tickler will not listen to Teresita’s pleas and will mercilessly tickle the young woman.

Length: 8:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Teresita Tied And Tickled On Table

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