NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – The Guardian Of The Plague’s Prey

It’s been years since the plague has ravished this lost island in the Caribbean. Those who could leave the island did and those who stayed were taken by the awful plague. So many valuables left behind, no one had time to gather much but what they could fit in their pockets. Because of this, these islands have become a Pirate’s paradise to say the least.

Pirate Nyssa is no different, she wants her “part of the tart” so she’s traveled to the island to take it! Quickly she finds a bag full of jewels, but as she turns to go, she’s confronted by a man dressed in a black robe with a plaque-doctor mask covering his face. He’s a ghost and is there to protect all the property on the island. Unhappy with Pirate Nyssa, he intends to punish her good.

He tells her that only her confession to where all the treasure she’s ever stolen is, that’s the only way she will avoid perishing. She refuses and gets foot tickled with the tip of her own piratesword!!! As much laughter and sweating she produces, she still refuses to talk! Her tormentor decides its time for a little bastinado, whips out a wooden paddle and goes to town on her feet as she howls away! Pirate Nyssa is incredibly stubborn and doesn’t yet break, but will another round of tickling with all feathers this time, break her!?

Duration: 21:08.700
Size: 676,809 Mb

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