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Nyssa had to know she was going to get hers. The way she tricked Tom into being tied up, making him think was all for some kinky fun…but then deciding to tickle the hell out of him…He TOLD her he was going to get his REVENGE. So this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to her when she’s the one now tied in an X position on their bondage bed, helpless and vulnerable!

Tom tells her that it’s time for him to get his revenge and boy does she have it coming! He does her just like she did him, he starts up top and starts tickling those armpits! Nyssa was already begging for him not to tickle her. She was pleading and apologizing so much, but it doesn’t soften Tom up at all! He has some payback to sit out before he decides to let her go. She’s not going to just get away with the intense tickling she tricked him into!

He climbs on top of her, tickle attacking her ribs, sides, armpits, neck. She’s tied down so tight she can hardly move, but with all her might she sure is trying! There’s no way for her to protect herself from him and she’s howling with laughter. Nothing is making him stop, not her apologies, not her begging, nothing! He knows she’s TICKLISH EVERYWHERE and even tickles her pussy! She’s really really ticklish on her little pussy! Nyssa thrashes some more and Tom starts moving down her body.

He uncovers her belly button and tickles that for a bit, then moving to her hips and thighs. He seems to have found some really intense tickling spots on her, she’s going hysterical! He moves down to her feet, and he already is fully aware of how ticklish those are! He drags his nails across Nyssa’s bare soles and she’s all screams and giggles!

Eventually Tom decides he’s gotten a pretty good revenge on her, and he’s worked up quite the appetite! Nyssa asks if he’s going to untie her now that he’s gotten his revenge? But Tom says no, he’s going to order pizza instead! And he leaves our naughty Nyssa in the bondage to think about her punishment.

Duration: 12:23.676
Size: 384,782 Mb

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