NyxonsFetishFiles – Reagan Two Timin Tickled Ho

Reagan Lush has been dating both Nyxon & Raquel behind each other’s backs, and unfortunately for her, they both found out about it. The scene opens up with Nyxon & Raquel sitting on the couch discussing the situation. They want to teach Reagan a lesson, but they’re not quite sure how they should go about it. Suddenly, they have the idea to invite Reagan over under the guise of a threesome, then give her a special drink. Once Reagan is relaxed, the girls carry her over to the massage table & tie her down tight. Reagan begins to come to, and Raquel removes her flip flops exposing Reagan’s bare soles. Reagan demands to know what’s going on, and the girls tell her that they know she’s been two timing them, and it’s time to get their revenge. Reagan begs to be let go, but the girls relentlessly tickle her feet with their long fingernails. Reagan laughs & struggles as Nyxon & Raquel attack her feet. Finally, Reagan apologizes for what she’s done, and the girls walk out of the room.

Length: 15:50
Resolution: 1280×720

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