NyxonsFetishFiles – Terra Mizu… Tickle Revenge On An Office Gossip

Both Karly & Nyxon have just about had enough of Terra Mizu’s gossipy ways in the office, and they’re scheming about how to get revenge on her. Both girls begin to toss around some ideas when Nyxon suddenly remembers something. She tells Karly about how she used to be friend’s with Terra’s ex-girlfriend, and how whenever she wanted her way that she would tie Terra up & tickle her feet until Terra finally gave in. Karly thinks this is a splendid idea, and the girls call up Terra & invite her over for a special drink. Terra arrives shortly, and Nyxon hands her a martini. Terra drinks up & is soon slumped over on the couch. Both Nyxon & Karly play with Terra’s limbs, and then move onto the next phase of their plan.

The next scene opens up with Terra tied to a massage table & slowly waking up. She demands to know what’s going on, but Nyxon just slyly smiles & removes Terra’s flip flops, revealing her sensitive soles. Nyxon wastes no time digging her nails into Terra’s feet, and Terra erupts in a fit of laughter. Karly tells Terra that they know that she’s been gossiping about them, but Terra just plays dumb. So, both Nyxon & Karly attack Terra’s feet at the same time. While they relentlessly tickle her, Nyxon & Karly demand that Terra stop gossiping about them. Terra holds strong for a while, but finally breaks, admitting that she is the office gossip & then promising to apologize to everyone.

Length: 14:32
Resolution: 1280×720

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