OurFantasyChest – Endless TickleGasm Marathon Edition (Part 1)

* This Video contain’s Both “Endless TickleGasm” PART 1 & PART 2 *

Gwen is in for the most erotic tickle session of her life. Strapped spread eagle to the bed in nothing but panties & sexy high heels, Myles begins by exploring her whole body with a soft feather, charging her skin for the ticklish pleasure to come.

As he straddles above her arms to mix in some tickling, he’s very happy to find that the feather is doing it’s job! Gwen’s pits are already surprisingly sensitive to his curious tickling fingers …

Only a few minutes in, Myles is grinning from ear to ear because it’s already crystal clear to Gwen that she’s in big trouble. The only questions that remain are: How much will she laugh? And how much will she cum? As Myles begins to alternate between licking her pussy & tickling her ribs, Gwen has a feeling that it’s going to be A LOT.

And so, his erotic tickle worship of Gwen begins, who’s body is getting more & more confused by the minute. One moment, she’s laughing uncontrollably, as his fingers explore her helpless armpits & ribs, then she’s moaning the next as he kisses, massages & licks her gorgeous body.

Horny desperation begins to flood Gwen’s mind as Myles starts to lick & devour her more & more, licking her nipples, kissing her neck and passionately making out with her while he dry humps her. He begins to slowly massage her clit while licking & nibbling on her ear, Gwen knows he intends to drive her insane …

Suddenly, he takes her clit in his mouth, sucking on it as if his life depended on it while drawing spine tingling circles on her rock hard nipples. Pop. Pop. Two back to back orgasms … and we’re just getting started.

But before Gwen can even catch her breath, Myles straddles her & begins to tickle her nipples with 2 very soft shaving brushes. This sensation is pleasure overload on her now hyper sensitive skin. Gwen begins to thrust her hips in desperation, humping the air as Myles bring her to the edge of orgasm, licking, sucking & tickling her helpless nipples.

Duration: 24:40.946
Size: 1 797,098 Mb

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