OurFantasyChest – Endless TickleGasm Marathon Edition (Part 2)

* This Video Contains: “Endless Ticklegasm” PART 3, PART 4, PART 5 & The Bonus Scene! *

If it’s possible for pleasure to be torture, then Gwen is getting a taste of that, as the teasing on her nipples & clit continues & her body begins to quiver in desperation. For Myles, this is sweet revenge for all of the nipple teasing that Gwen has done to him. For Gwen, this is pleasure overload. All she can do there is lay there, getting hornier & hornier as myles ruthlessly ravishes her nipples …

Finally, Myles reaches into Gwen’s panties & begins to passionately massage her clit while continuing her nipples worship. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. He quickly pulls 4 more orgasms out of his insanely horny lady! Each one more powerful than the last, but that’s not enough for the hungry Myles, as he cuts off Gwen’s panties & once again takes her clit into his mouth to suck & worship. Pop. Looks like another one! So many more to go! After countless bound orgasms, it’s time to give Gwen a little break, and Myles has the perfect thing in mind!

He begins to cover her helpless, naked, hyper sensitive body, in warming massage oil. Slowly and passionately he rubs it into her skin, his every touch now feels like miniature orgasms to her, as the oil begins to warm up and she once again feels herself getting carried away with horny desperation …

Myles begins to mix in playful erotic tickles, letting his his slippery fingers dance all over Gwen’s ticklish tummy and soaking wet clit, causing her fits of horny giggles throughout her helpless moans. Watch Gwen get lost in this horny, bondage, forced orgasm heaven as Myles shows her there’s still SO MUCH more in store for her helpless, hungry pussy! Even as she begs to be fucked, Myles simply responds with: “You’re going to cum for me a few more times …” Then proceeds to massage and finger her pussy until she gives him more earth shaking orgasms! Gwen has officially become Myles horny little cum pet!

More?! Yes more. As he positions the camera at her feet and pulls her first sexy snake skin high heel off, Gwen’s mind begins to crack at the realization of what was to come next …

“No way! Not that …” she thinks to herself, as he quickly takes her big toe in his mouth, sucking it wildly. After so many orgasms, her lush, pink soles and toes are at max sensitivity, and Myles has every intention of unleashing his full foot fetish on every inch of her perfect, helpless feet! All Gwen can do now is struggle and moan in her bonds, as Myles worships, tickles and sucks her horny feet in between devouring her still soaking wet pussy!

The helpless Foot Goddess scrunches and flexes her toes in ecstasy as Myles keeps sucking, licking and fingering orgasm after orgasm from her bound body, each one making her body more sensitive than the last!

Bonus Content: After untying Gwen’s ankles, Myles slips his cock out of his boxers and presses it firmly against her hungry clit, fucking her clit into desperation while licking her sexy soles! Gwen needs to be fucked! But with her hands still tied, all she can do is hope Myles will finally fuck her brains out!

Finally, he unties Gwen’s wrists, and she immediately begins to massage his cock & balls with warm oil, while he licks her precious feet until they quickly find themselves in a whirlwind of gorgeous sex.

This bonus footage is made for people who love to watch sexy soles flex and curl during a genuine fucking session. Watch Myles passionately pound Gwen’s pussy deeply to multiple orgasm until they finally cum together in one huge explosion of lust. Their moans are like music, and Gwen’s pink soles bouncing in the air while she’s fucked, is a visual masterpiece to get lost in!

Duration: 28:59.003
Size: 2 111,238 Mb

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