OurFantasyChest – Gwen’s First Foot Tickle – Episode 4 (PART 2)

Myles kicks things up a notch and it goes from playful tickles to a very intimate exploration of her soles using various tools.

Watch Gwen ride out fits of laughter as Myles tests her reactions with various tools including; an electric toothbrush, electric flosser and firm hairbrush. Every time she begins to adjust, he switches things up, causing a whole new wave of giggles to erupt. 

He even worships her helpless sensitive soles in between the tickling to keep throwing her off. things are heating up in this one.

Duration: 10:20.186
Size: 759,166 Mb

Download – Gwen’s First Foot Tickle – Episode 4 (PART 2)

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