OurFantasyChest – Sole Buffet (Gwen) – Episode 14 (PART 2)

* This is PART 2 of a 3 Part Series *

Myles decides that while he’s feasting on Gwen’s delicious soles with devious tickles and hungry licks, that he might as well enjoy other parts of her delicious, helpless body. Watch Gwen’s toes quiver and curl as Myles straddles above Gwen’s helpless arms and begins to ruthlessly tease her now very erect nipples.

Gwen moans as Myles’ hungry hands and tounge ravish her body. Moving unpredictably all over her silky skin. From her nipples, to her soft, sensitive tummy and down to her clit, which is now on fire with lust. Just as Gwen begins to relax into her helpless pleasure, Myles slips back down to her helpless soles and once again begins to alternate between sucking her horny toes and tickling her frantically ticklish skin.

Gwen is in an obvious state of erotic, tickle frustration, and can only hope that Myles will finally devour her starving clit to orgasm …

Duration: 8:42.121
Size: 634,475 Mb

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