OurFantasyChest – Sole Buffet (Gwen) – Episode 14 (PART 3)

* This is Part 3 of a 3 Part Series *

In the very Erotic conclusion of this 3 Part series, Myles now has Gwen tied with her legs wide apart, and he plans to lick and devour her helpless pussy for as long as he wishes.

Watch him tease Gwen’s throbbing, desperate clit and sensually explore her defenceless body with erotic tickles and licks as she quivers and moans in her bondage for him. He’s placed the camera at her soles so you can watch her feet wiggle and her toes curl in ecstasy as she’s methodically broken down into a desperate, horny mess.

He breaks out the vibrator, desiring to edge her as much as he can, but, overwhelmed by her pleasure, Gwen suddenly cracks in an orgasm! Now she must be punished with a little post orgasm tickle torture …

Duration: 9:47.486
Size: 714,891 Mb

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