OurFantasyChest – Testing for Tickles – Episode 13

Come join Gwen and Myles on a tickle experiment that is as sexy as it is adorable. Take a front row seat with Myles as he genuinely seeks to find the most ticklish spots on Gwen’s feet and the most effective tickle tools for each spot.

There’s no restraints in this one, making it super challenging for Gwen to keep still as Myles easily finds tickle spots, techniques and tools that make her laugh and flail all over the bed. This playful tickle session is for the foot and tickle lovers out there who want a more honest, intimate and behind the scenes look at their favourite fetish couple on the internet 🙂

Duration: 14:26.732
Size: 851,053 Mb

Download – Testing for Tickles – Episode 13

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