OurFantasyChest – The Bet – Episode 8 (FULL EPISODE)

* This Video Contains Both: The Bet (PART 1) & The Bet (PART 2) *

Myles has been watching their sexy home videos and realized that Gwen is absolutely kicking his butt in the tickle department. In a previous session, she strapped him down and discovered how amazingly ticklish his upper body is. She proceeded to devour his tummy, chest and armpits with hungry tickles until he was a begging mess. Now, Myles is out for revenge.

Looking to take advantage of Gwen’s stubborn confidence, he bets her that he can make her use a safe word in a foot tickling session. If he can, then he finally gets to tickle her super ticklish clit! (A tickle spot that’s always been off limits). Gwen agrees to The Bet on one condition: If she wins, and doesn’t use the safe word, she get’s to tie him down and tease his nipples to orgasm. No hand job, no blow job, just constant nipple teasing until he cracks and cums for her. 

Those are high stakes for Myles, but being confident he can win, he takes her on and the bet is underway!

Join Myles and Gwen for a high stakes tickle session and take a seat at Gwen’s delicious nylon soles as Myles slowly slips them off and gets down to business. Who will win?

Duration: 19:00.139
Size: 1 391,448 Mb

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