Perverstage – A Study about sensations on the Feet

Berenice studies neurology, and is collecting data from different people to the stimuli with different objects, she goes to Claudia to help her with her study, Claudia works in a clinic that specializes in reflexology, Claudia suggests Berenice to use the feet as a part of the body for the study because the feet are very sensitive, Berenice asks Claudia to help her as a patient to experience the study, Claudia hesitates to do so because she is very ticklish, but finally she is convinced by Berenice with the condition of receive the same treatment.

Berenice takes out the objects that she will use on Claudia’s ticklish soles; Feather, Ballpoint Pen and Toothbrush.

Length: 31:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A Study about sensations on the Feet

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