Perverstage – Angie and Sandra’s Madness (Custom)

Angie and Sandra in a new adventure, it has been a long time since Angie has been subdued, she is tied on the examination table while a masked man sucks her feet, Sandra snoops in and seems to excite the situation in which Angie finds herself, perhaps she has remembered Previous events where she is the subject, Sandra asks Angie if she is enjoying herself, but Angie with an arrogant smile ignores Sandra’s questions, a second man enters the scene who caresses Angie’s belly while Sandra and the masked man vulnerability of Angie, the second man sucks Angie’s tits and takes Sandra by the waist to lead her to discover how ticklish she is, Sandra’s look of astonishment becomes evident because we know how tickly she is, Sandra is taken to the stocks while the The masked man leaves Angie for a moment to Sandra between the 2 men, Sandra who wears some fishnet nylons, at the end Sandra, the Masked Man and the Second Man again have fun Angie, but we know how masochistic she is, so it is not for Angie, in the end Sandra proposes to punish Angie’s upper body with electric toothbrushes while the masked man stops sucking Angie’s feet, To tickle them with feathers, in the end they have to make Angie suffer because she just enjoys the session, the masked man pulls out an electric wand to electrocute Angie, starts with the soles of her feet and goes up little by little to reach the tits From Angie, mission accomplished, we managed to hear Angie’s screams and pleas, but this does not end with Angie rebel, she continues to challenge and mock her masked torturer even sticks out her tongue as a gesture that she can resist the electric shocks even on her tongue, Angie shudder but this does not prevent him from continuing to laugh at the situation.

Length: 25:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Angie and Sandra’s Madness (Custom)

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