Perverstage – Claudia is Duped (Custom)

A crafty tickler in search of his next victim drives through the streets of his neighborhood, sets his target on the unfortunate Claudia, the crafty tickler proposes to Claudia to participate in a reflexology documentary, Claudia is suspicious, the crafty tickler offers her Paying to help to modeling for his reflexology film is then when Claudia accepts and gets in the vehicle, once arriving at the apartment of the crafty tickler he directs her to the dungeon, Claudia begins to distrust when she sees all kinds of kinky devices, the tickler requested her lay down on the medical examination table, Claudia is even more scared because it does not seem correct that she has to be tied to practice reflexology on her, once the tickler is tied she has Claudia at her mercy his shows the typical gadgets for him tickling; feathers, brushes, oil, etc. Claudia looks incredulous because she still does not know what they will do with her, it is by then that the tickler takes Claudia barefoot to start the tickling, Claudia hates to have her feet touched, although we already know that Claudia is not the girl who laughs , her suffering is real, the tickler makes an intense tickle for several minutes the tickler anesthetizes her victim to remove her clothes while she rests, now in her underwear the tickler will have access to her entire vulnerable body, once she wakes up in her underwear, Claudia she panics but Claudia’s pleas only encourage the tickler, at the end of another intense tickling Claudia faints from laughing so much.

This video is in Spanish with English subtitles.

Duration: 49:20.461
Size: 1 230,042 Mb

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