Perverstage – Extremely Ticklish and Wrapped Ruby

Rubi is a 31-year-old teacher, it is her first time with us, but ironically it is not her first time tied up or tickled, she is a real BDSM practitioner and her Master punishes her with tickles because they are a real punishment for her, since that her masochism makes pain and impact practices only pleasure for her, so a tickling session will become a real challenge for her despite her experience.

The session begins with Rubi being interviewed, some basic questions about her that every fetishist would like to know, and then moving to the fully reclined examination table to see her facial expressions while she suffers, Indeed it turned out to be as ticklish as she warned us, fortunately she is fine Tied up and this will prevent her from knocking us out with one blow, Rubi is super ticklish, a repertoire of tools will go through her soles to her misfortune.

Length: 21:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Extremely Ticklish and Wrapped Ruby

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