Perverstage – Gabrielle Committed to the Asylum (Custom)

Gabrielle is admitted to the asylum, she wants to treat her severe depression, what she does not know is that the treatment to cure her is her greatest fear, “tickling” when the doctor explains what her “stimulation therapy” she is tied to a chair and cannot escape, after gabrielle is taken to a therapy room where the doctors administer the treatment, they bare one of their feet off on a stool, Gabrielle with blindfolded begins to receive the tickle treatment Gabrielle naturally begs for her release, after both Gabrielle’s feet are by the dedicated doctors, after a long the doctors leave her alone in the room as they have to attend to another patient, During the doctors absence Gabrielle tries to escape but is subdued in the attempt and taken back to the therapy room, lest she try to escape her is now restricted on the examination table to continue this difficult treatment for Gabrielle.

Length: 40:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Gabrielle Committed to the Asylum (Custom)

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