Perverstage – Intense Tickling until you Cry of Laughter (Perla)

Perla and Melissa are best friends, Melissa knows what it’s like to feel tickled tied without being able to do anything, but Perla is a beginner in bondage, she claimed to feel a lot of tickling in her first time without ties so it was difficult to persuade her to accept being tied now and tickled, Melissa finally convinces Perla, but Perla will do it in exchange for having her revenge against Melissa, she is willing to suffer a little in order to tickle her best friend.

Melissa begins by removing Perla’s sweaty shoes and socks, then Melissa begins a gentle tickling with Perla’s feet together, using only her hands and a soft feather, later she will use the entire repertoire of tickling tools, ending with her feet apart, toes tied, to start with the Intense Tickling, you can not miss the baby oil and hairbrush.

Length: 20:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – PIntense Tickling until you Cry of Laughter (Perla)

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