Perverstage – Setting a trap for Spidergwen (Custom)

A fanatic of Spiderwoman wants to approach her, she does it by faking her capture with her accomplice, then Spidergwen comes to help, neutralizes the accomplice, but leaves her tied to her fate, this makes the fanatic furious who now holds a grudge against her, A few months have passed and she sets a trap for him again but this time with the intention that her accomplice hide, while Spidergwen helps her, her accomplice will subdue her, everything seems to work, again Spidergwen goes to the rescue, this seems an easy task so she decides to have fun tickling the captured one a bit while she is bound and gagged, after a few minutes the accomplice subdues Spidergwen now she is captured, the fanatic is now even more upset and prepares her revenge, what will she do to Spidergwen?

Length: 26:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Setting a trap for Spidergwen (Custom)

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