Perverstage – University Tickling Incident and Revenge (Custom)

Jane and Gabrielle are university students interned in a school that takes the discipline of its students very seriously, they are forbidden to go out at night, Jane is an outstanding student, but for a few days Jane has broken the rules of her university, going out secretly At night, she is discovered in one of her escapes, a punishment of being restrained every night for 30 days in her bedroom is imposed on her, she is tied to the bed every night by one of the custodians, Gabrielle her companion of room takes advantage of Jane’s vulnerability to steal her money, on the last day of Jane’s punishment, Gabrielle wants to take advantage of it and borrows money from Jane who only has her credit card, Gabrielle needs the password for her credit card Jane but she does not agree so Gabrielle tickles Jane to her to tell him her pasword.

Finally Jane reports to her roommate, perhaps Jane did not expect such an effective response from school security.

Film spoken in Spanish and subtitled in English.

By Paul S.

Length: 27:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – University Tickling Incident and Revenge (Custom)

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