PhillyTickling – I’m Never Ready to be Tickled!

Finally!! I had been wanting to work with and tickle Indica Fetish for several years now. She was just in my area and came to visit me along with her friend, Sablique Von Lux. You’ll get to see her next, lol. Indica’s laugh’s are unbelievably PRICELESS! Her laughs turn into these screams and snorts and then shrieks. I just cannot explain it. I tickle her soles, in between her toes, and all over legs and behind her knees. She kicks and tries to fight me off and then I tickle her sides a bunch, and that drives her crazy. If you like loud laughter and non-stop tickling, you’ll LOVE this clip!

Duration: 3:58.405
Size: 416,264 Mb

Download – I’m Never Ready to be Tickled!

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