PhillyTickling – Not Fun for these Girls!

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Here is a really fun clip with THREE GIRLS! You get THREE girls all in one clip AND at a DISCOUNTED PRICE.
Today I shot a brand new fetish model named Anais Jolie from LA while she was visiting Philly. She's a rising star in the foot fetish business and I'm not sure if anyone has tickled her on camera yet, but I know I sure have, lol. She's part Venezuelan and Cuban and is just 21 years old. She also has size 7.5 feet. She has has very highly arched feet with very deep wrinkled soles. I get to tickle her gorgeous feet and legs and see her kick and squirm. I bust out the back scratcher and she goes nuts. She even flinches before I even do anything, lol. As I continue working her over with no breaks, Anais soon realized this is NOT going to be very fun for her. I continue to tickle her all over, including her sides. She is out of breath and in the end, she wipes away some tears. Awhhh, poor thing, lol!

Next, is a fresh new 19 year old, you won't see anywhere else! This is Bailey Bae and this is her FIRST EVER tickling scene. She's a hot tan blonde from the Mid West and now attends one of the largest BIG 10 universities around. I wish I could say which one, lol. This girl is smokin! She's only been in the biz a few weeks or so, she is brand new. This scene features a brand new girl, nude and outdoors. She has size 7.5 feet but it doesn't stop at just feet! I tickle her sides, back of legs, legs and also her ARMPITS! She is so ticklish, she tries to kick and struggle, but all she can do is is giggle and squirm.

Katerina Kay is half Irish and half Cherokee Indian. It makes for an unbelievable look. Her great tan, perfect legs and a butt that is truly incredible! She has wide size 8 feet and she is WILDLY TICKLISH! She giggles all the time and when she was there for her scene, I gave her a test tickle and I was like…….we gotta do this! She was all about it. Or so she though……….LOL! Katerina was all over the place. Kicking, giggling, screaming, eventually crying, lol. She was totally out of breath at the end. In fact, she was biting on a pillow just to alleviate the ticklish sensations going through her body. There's lots of SIDE TICKLING, BACK OF LEG TICKLING and she is FULLY NUDE the whole time! Kind of my little trademark, lol. Tickling totally nude pornstars. This is also Katerina Kay's FIRST EVER TICKLING SCENE!

Video: VC-1 Adv (WMP11), 1920×1080,, 5010 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0162 (Windows Media Audio 9 Professional), 48000Hz, 384 kbps CBR, 6 channel(s)
Duration: 12:45.003
Size: 492,288 Mb

Download – Not Fun for these Girls!

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