Primal’sTicklegasm – Cheerleader initiation THREE- TICKLE ONLY

It's that time again- a new season and a new cheer squad! Coach Kenna has the best technique to determine which girls really want to be part of her exclusive team. This season Ashlynn, Cadence, and Marina are eager to be part of the squad and are willing to do anything!

The first potential cheerleader to be tested is Ashlynn and Coach Kenna orders the other two girls to strip her completely naked. Ashlynn finds herself naked, on the floor with her legs bound in a spreader bar as Kenna holds her hands above her head while Cadence and Marina are on either side of her- ready to dig in. Once Coach Kenna gives the order, the girls put their fingers into motion and begin tickling Ashlynn as she lets out screams from her beautiful lips and squirms like crazy. These girls have no mercy as they dig into her armpits, ribs and hips. Kenna makes sure that the girls know how badly Ashlynn wants to be on the squad so they take it to heart. They don't stop at her torso and legs, they make sure to attack her feet with their nails against her soles, arches and toes. This is the icing on the cake before Ashlynn screams mercy!

Next up is the beautiful, tall, blonde, Cadence. It's her turn to be stripped naked with her legs bound in the spreader bar. Since Cadence is incredibly ticklish, this is extreme tickle torture for her but she wants it bad enough to endure such torture! Ashlynn and Marina go to town digging their perfectly manicured fingers into all of Cadence's sweet spots. They pay special attention to spreading her legs further and tickling deep into her groin and she goes nuts! Of course, the girls can't forget to show her smooth feet special attention as they rake their nails along the length of her soles…sending her into a squirming and giggle frenzy. Both girls have to straddle her legs to keep her from moving so much. You can see her curling her toes because it tickles so much.

Last but not least is Marina and WOW is she a handful! Since she's the last girl up, she playfully tells the other girls that they don't have to be so hard on her, but they are more than ready to get their revenge on her and return the favor of tickle torture and forced orgasms. Coach Kenna has to really hold her arms down because she is so wild while they tickle her and the girls have to straddle her legs because she flails about so much! Marina screams, bucks, curls her toes and begs the girls to stop but they don't listen. Marina screams mercy but Kenna thinks it's too soon and if she wants to be one the team, then she has to prove that she's willing to endure this tickle torture. When the girls begin to tickle her again, she bucks her head back hard into Kenna's chest! This gets really intense and Marina even uses the a bad word! Now the tickle torture gets more intense. Marina gets so wild that even Cadence says how she can't be tamed.

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