Primal’sTicklegasm – Kimmy’s Spanish teacher punishes her

Kimmy's Spanish teacher, Ms. Cielo, is giving her a private tutoring lesson but sexy Kimmy is refusing to focus because she is too busy texting and taking selfies. After Ms. Cielo yells at Kimmy to pay attention and she doesn't, Ms. Cielo decides to take anther route- to tie her to the chair and punish her for being a bad student! Kimmy asks why is is tied up, but Ms. Cielo just tells her that she will find out. Since Kimmy never pays attention or studies, she is going to have to pay the price by being tickled without mercy! Kimmy quickly promises that she will start being a better student but Ms. Cielo doesn't think this promise is very sincere. Ms. Cielo ravages Kimmy's body with her quick, little fingers…causing Kimmy to scream, "I'll focus! I'll focus!" Ms. Cielo makes sure to tickle Kimmy's ribs, stomach, armpits, thighs and behind her knees. Kimmy starts to lose her willpower and begs her teacher to please not tickle the bottom of her feet because they are not even ticklish…which is a BIG lie! Now, Ms. Cielo knows exactly where to spend her time focusing on, as she baby talks and taunts her wayward student. This drives Kimmy absolutely crazy and Ms. Cielo seems to have some compassion for a second and tells Kimmy that she thinks she's had enough…just kidding! Maybe this extreme tickling with force Kimmy to become more studious.

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