Primal’sTicklegasm – Taylor Reed uses tickle punishment on Saya Song

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Taylor has a bone to pick with her fellow cheerleader, Saya, for ditching practice so close to finals! She wants to know what the heck Saya was thinking choosing boys over their team but Saya feels REALLY bad and is willing to do whatever it takes to make up for being so selfish. Taylor has Saya tied up, naked to the locker room bench with her arms above her head and legs bound. As Taylor begins to tease Saya with her finger tips, Saya begins to laugh and rethink what she has agreed to. Taylor tests out Saya's entire body and is trying to decide whether or not she should go harder or softer. Saya is quickly beginning to realize that she is definitely going to pay the price for being horny and irresponsible as she squeals and squirms about while Taylor has her way with her exposed torso, hips, legs and even behind her knees. Even Saya's nipples are super hard as Taylor tickles her. Taylor decides that she has been too easy on Saya and begins digging her long finger nails into her armpits as helpless Saya screams with laughter, gasping for air. Taylor continues to work over Saya's naked body, teaching her a lesson she'll NEVER forget. By the time she is done with this tickle torture, she agrees to let Saya take a breather…

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