RamonsFacefullOfFeet – Claudia’s Hogtied Tickling!

Our beloved Claudia is in trouble today. Claudia is ball gagged and ready to be tickled for her naughty behavior. Claudia is bound and gagged in a hog tie with her lovely feet on display. Sadly she is blindfolded and nervous awaiting her punishment. Our cameras catch each delightful minute of her bare soles and toes being tickled as she laughs herself into pure euphoria. No longer satisfied with tickling Claudia’s feet and legs, Claudia’s tormentor, Marco, grabs a couple toys – a brush and a body scratcher claw. Claudia cannot stop herself from squirming and laughing. Claudia’s blindfold is removed so that you can appreciate her look of joy and her look of pure torment. No matter how much Claudia begs, the tickling continues.

Length: 8:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Claudia’s Hogtied Tickling!

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