RamonsFacefullOfFeet – Lulu & Sebastian Tickling with their Feet!

The plot is Sebastion and lulu are two school bullies who take bunny to tickle her and foot smother her. They drag her to their room and hold her down while tickling her with their toes. Have them tease her saying “you know you can’t escape” we got you with our big feet” and “I knowwww your armpits are your most ticklish spot” having them tickle her armpits like crazyyyy with their toes. In the 4th minute have her try and run away and go to another room but they grab her and put her on the bed and say “your gonna regret that” “now we’re gonna have to take off our socks and tickle you even more with our bare feet” then they take their socks off and hold her down saying “you won’t get away this time” waving their feet in the air then tickling her crying and screaming for help. MAKE SUREEE they then say “scream all you want haha”… “.. nobody is gonna come rescue you you’re all ourssss and our big size _ feet” again… make sure they keep telling the smaller girl their shoe size. At the last 3-4 mins have there be foot smothering.”

Length: 15:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lulu & Sebastian Tickling with their Feet!

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