RandomSoleEncounters – Biker Chick’s First Tickling – FULL BODY TICKLING & BIG FEET!

I have a thing for taking dominant tough women and breaking them down with tickle torture.  Jade is the definition of "Tough Chick" – She rides a Harley, parties hard and has a very confident attitude. 

I met Jade when she hired me to do product photography for her business.  What does she do?   She's a taxidermist (a very talented one).   During the shoot we got to talking and I told her about my side fetish video business.  Jade thought it was hilarious that I made tickle fetish videos, she'd never heard of a tickle fetish before.   She told me that friends have tried to tickle her before but she wasn't ticklish at all. 

When someone tells me they aren't ticklish that immediately gets me interested to test them out!  Jade is always wearing boots, she told me that's all she ever wears, so I had to think her feet must be tender being trapped in boots all the time.

We continued to work together and get more comfortable with each other.  I would show her some short clips of tickle shoots I've done and she'd always get a kick out of them.   I asked her if she would try out a tickling shoot and she said yes but once again that she wasn't ticklish.  I told her I knew I could get her laughing and begging me to stop.  She told me "Challenge accepted."

Jade's very adventurous, spontaneous, a bit crazy (in a good way) and was psyched to do the shoot and prove me wrong.  I get her locked in the stocks and ask her again if she's ticklish and she confidently tells me "no."

I take off her combat boots, she was wearing a very sweaty pair of Deadpool socks.  Her feet were smelly also for those of you who like that!  I briefly tickle her through socks and get an immediate reaction as Jade tries not to laugh.  I knew she was ticklish!  I pull off her socks, her socks were really sticking to her feet!  

Jade has big size 10's, long and narrow with black painted toenails.  The balls of her feet are a bit dry but her high arches were silky smooth.

I used a feather, fingers (which work best on her), oiled up soles, hairbrush and flosser.   Jade has a great raspy laugh, she's especially ticklish near the toes.  She's also a hell of a fighter and almost breaks free of the stocks!   

After the complete foot tickling, we move to her upperbody in just her bra.  It turns out Jades upperbody is just as ticklish.  This tough girl is ticklish all over!  I get her pits, ribs and stomach good and have her thrashing around looking for a way out of the restraints.   I make sure I  leave this tough biker chick totally broken!

Afterwards, Jade told me "Never fucking again!"  

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 15509 kbps, 29.940 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 384 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 11:03.997
Size: 1 258,083 Mb

Download – Biker Chick's First Tickling – FULL BODY TICKLING & BIG FEET!

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