RandomSoleEncounters – Breaking Alisha – Too Much For Her To Handle!

I didn’t think I’d ever get Alisha to come back after her 1st time being tickled.

See that clip here: Genuine Fear of Tickling

Alisha contacted me and asked if I have any foot modeling shoots available. I noticed that she didn’t mention anything about being tickled again. I told her I mainly do tickling videos and if she was interested we could shoot.

She asked if we could “fake it”, I was curious to know what she meant by that. She said I could act like I was tickling her feet…not actually touching her feet in anyway, like some sort of weird tickling mime!

I told her that wouldn’t work, anyone would be able to tell that I wasn’t actually touching her feet! I didn’t tell her this part…but why would I ever want to pretend to tickle someone?? If you’re strapped down on my table you’re getting the real thing!

Alisha could really use the $$$ so she agreed to do another tickle vid. I told her I would “take it easy” on her (that was a lie).

For those who haven’t seen Alisha before, she has a true hatred/fear of being tickled. She absolutely can’t stand it and may have the most ticklish feet (size 10s!) I have ever come across.

I have Alisha in the ‘invisible stocks’ aka the ankle restraints. This way you can see her entire body as she reacts to the tickling. She starts off in heeled sandals where I tickle her while still wearing shoes. Everything tickles her; light, medium, soft, it doesn’t matter.

I use all the tools fingers, feathers, oiled up soles, electric flosser and two different types of hair brushes. I make sure to start off slow before really letting Alisha have it! It’s the longest and worst tickling she’s ever endured.

She laughs, snorts, whines, thrashes, cries….

and it breaks her!

At one point Alisha gets angry at all the tickling and has had enough. We had to stop for a few minutes before picking the tickling action back up.

When we were done she told me that was the last time she ever does it. But we’ll see!

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Breaking Alisha – Too Much For Her To Handle!

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