RandomSoleEncounters – Bridgette’s Endures The 3 Levels of Tickle Hell – LEVEL ONE STOCKED TICKLING

This was an unexpected return! You might remember Bridgette from my “Escape Room” series. Bridgette replied to an ad I posted looking for volunteers for the escape room and turned out to not only be fun but extremely ticklish. After seeing how ticklish she was, I really wanted to get her back for more tickling.

I waited a few weeks then reached out asking if she would like to help me out again and make some cash in the process. Well, I never heard back from her and chalked it up to her just not being interested.

Several weeks later Bridgette send me a text and says she’s very interested in helping me and making some extra money in the process.

I’m never sure how many opportunities I’ll have to tickle these amateur, non-fetish models so I knew I had to make it count and get my money’s worth!

I decided to introduce Bridgette to the 3 Levels of Tickle Hell!

All I told Bridgette leading up to this session is that it was a challenge that involved 3 different levels of tickling that she would have to endure.

There are no breaks. Once the session starts she’s in it until the end! The only break she will get is to set up for the next level of tickling. Bridgette told me she wasn’t sure if she could do it but I made her an offer ($$$) that was very hard to turn down.

This clip is LEVEL ONE: STOCKED FOOT TICKLING (Parts 2 and 3 will be posted in the next two weeks).

Bridgette is looking nervous with her ankles in the stocks. She even tells me that she is nervous and not sure she can take all the tickling. I take off her shoes and bind her toes together before the tickling starts.

Bridgette has really nice size 6.5-7 feet, the great thing about her is that I don’t think she even really understands what a tickle fetish is and just think this is some fun challenge. She’s very expressive and talkative which makes tickling her very fun.

I use all different tools on Bridgette’s tender soles; everything makes her laugh! She laughs out loud, giggles, moans, groans, screams…every ticklish reaction is on display here and the longer I tickle the more intense it gets for her. She doesn’t seem to lose her ticklishness at all!

She was exhausted after Level one but unfortunately for her, it was just the beginning!

Bridgette has some of the most ticklish feet of any model in my store and you won’t be disappointed at her reactions! We really lucked into finding her!!!

Length: 9:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bridgette’s Endures The 3 Levels of Tickle Hell – LEVEL ONE STOCKED TICKLING

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